Date: May 30

Time: 2-4 

Location: John McLaren Park (Persia Ave & Sunnydale Ave)

What will you learn? 

  • How to deescalate situations to stay out of a fight.

  • How to defend yourself from common attacks. 

  • How to strike, kick and get home safe.


About Emily

Emily Webb came to self-defense because she needed to get her life back. After surviving several confrontations and a violent attack she knew she needed to make a big change - to let go of fear and reclaim her personal power. In 2004 she began training at Krav Maga San Francisco. Since starting her Krav Maga training (Isreali self-defense and street fighting), she no longer lives in fear and has erased the word victim from her vocabulary. Emily became a certified Krav Maga instructor in 2011. Since then, she has had the honor of serving thousands of students and developing high-impact, self-defense programs for women and teen girls. Through her years of teaching, coaching, and life experience, Emily is not only a self-defense expert, but has a way of making this training accessible to all types of people no matter their age, physical ability or past history of trauma. It is one of her greatest joys to see people move from fear to self-empowerment; confident in their ability to defend themselves and live their life to the fullest.