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  • Everyone from office workers to marathon runners

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FreedomBody Training is for dancers to athlete's to office workers.  It's for anyone who wants to up their physical game, regain functional range of motion and feel their full body potential.

Maybe you want 'wow factor' flexibility and exceptional movement.  Or maybe you have chronic body pain and remember what your body used to feel like when you were young. 

FreedomBody Training will get you there!


"My years of computer posture have added up and when I miss a class, I'm now aware of how compressed I feel without the exercises.​"

As a dancer and one who spends a lot of time at the computer, FreedomBody classes have improved my body awareness, balance and posture so much.  After a class, I always feel more open: space between my neck and shoulders, a tall straight spine, and an openness in my chest. The class's yoga flow and targeted exercises help me identify straining and everyday bad habits, like lopsided shoulders when I sit at a desk. Emily then offers solutions to these problems that help me move more freely and avoid potential injury.  Emily always includes options for poses in group classes, so that students of varying levels can adapt the movement to their needs and abilities.