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Targeted Flexibility & Mobility Training w/ Emily Webb

  • Flexibility is not genetic and you don’t need years to develop it.  If you train it, it will come.

  • We can retrain and rewire our brains and bodies to optimum movement at any age.

  • Most stretches are warm up exercises and do not increase your flexibility.

  • 50% percent of your flexibility gains come from your nervous system, not your muscles.

If you have stiff hamstrings, locked-up hips, tight neck and shoulders, or a painful lower back; if you’ve tried yoga and stretching exercises, but didn’t see many results, then there’s a very good chance the FreedomBody Training Mobility Intensive can help you.

- Get a proven plan and daily practice to gets the results you are looking for.

- Learn the three keys to effective stretching (and hacking your nervous system) that create dramatic results

- Understand how your body works and how to move synergistically so that over-used, over-tight muscles can release and relax

- Feel the freedom of your body unwinding, rebalancing, and moving with ease.

My name is Emily Webb and I am the founder of FreedomBody Training.  I am a dancer, yoga teacher, and martial artist.  Unfortunately, years of teaching and training Krav Maga (self-defense and street fighting) left my body insanely tight in certain areas.  My hip flexors and shoulders got so tight I couldn’t even begin to do a basic backbend.  All my yoga poses that required a bendy back were downright pitiful - despite the fact that I was practicing yoga, and stretching regularly.  While I may have been staving off even more flexibility issues, I was not gaining flexibility at all. 

Honestly, I saw my body and posture 20, 30 and 40 years down the road and I new that what I was doing wasn't going to keep my body and posture strong into old age.  So I started studying and creating a new body - a FreedomBody.  I began deep, targeted flexibility which allowed my body to release and rebalance.  I started strengthening key muscles to help my tight, overworked muscles let go.  I had a plan! And, as my body started moving as a synergistic whole I got results.  Body pains that had been nagging me for years let go.  My posture realigned and my backbends... 

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The 10 Day Mobility Intensive is systematic plan centered around deep flexibility training (Gravity Yoga) that is complemented by functional mobility and strength training to help retrain the body for optimum movement. 

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What's included in the

10 Day Mobility Intensive?

Step 1

Choose your warm up:

- Yoga Flow
- Fit to Fight


Pilates Stretches

Step 2

Mobilize your joints & Lengthen your muscles with deep targeted stretching.

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