Feel the power when freedom is your new body norm.

Is FreedomBody Coaching right for you?

Are you tired of feeling tight and sore?

Or do you want to take your body to optimum performance?

Can you commit to a daily practice to achieve your goals?

Are you ready to create lasting change in your body?

If you answer yes to the questions above, it's time to get FreedomBody Training on your personal care team so you can reach your dream FreedomBody.​


Whether you are an athlete looking to optimize performance or an office worker looking to be free of your stiffness and body pains FreedomBody Coaching will create a path of success for you.

Freedombody Coaching is a 4 week high impact personal coaching program.  No more guessing or doing random exercises off youtube that aren't getting you the results you deserve.  Every body is different, so I, Emily, work directly with  you to design a strategic program specific to your body's needs and your personal goals. I will hold you accountable and guide you along the way.  We will celebrate your wins together!  


FreedomBody Training is not a quick fix.  It is a daily practice of targeted flexibility and movement training combined with muscle balancing and a healthy mindset.  It's time to unravel muscle tension and unconscious movement/thought patterns that are no longer serving you.  Regain range of motion and flexibility that will allow your body to naturally realign, be pain free, and function at it's best. Get ready to retrain and rewire your brain and body for freedom! 


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