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"Freedom, yes freedom in my body is exactly what I felt.

That shoulder class, those exercises.... amazing!" 

This is the best physical therapy that I have done yet for my shoulders. I have been dealing with shoulder/severe rotator cuff issues for almost a year now that resulted from a rib injury and long term computer posture. I am slowly learning which muscles have been over worked and which ones have weakened that have created a distortion and extreme lack of movement and ability and strength. I am beginning to feel hopeful that I will restore with a new appreciation and perspective of how my body functions. You [Emily] have an amazing appreciation and understanding of the functioning ability of the human body. Thank you, thank you so much!



FreedomBody Services


What is
FreedomBody Unlimited?

It's more than yoga.  It's not just diet. 

It's not just fitness or physical therapy. 

FreedomBody Unlimited is your path to WholeBody health.  It is a full body rebalancing and reboot to teach your body how to move and function at it's best. 


Anyone can learn to move with freedom and ease whether you are 22 or 92, office worker or athlete. 

Where you are today is a culmination of all your past experiences, traumas, movement patterns and diet.   FreedomBody Training movement classes unwind and rewire the body to a place of synergistic ease.  It's a path to feeling amazing - total body freedom.


FreedomBody Holistic Nutrition Coaching teaches you to eat to be your best, without calorie counting and portion control.

To get lasting results, FreedomBody training is more than just working the body and stretching muscles.  The first key is held within your nervous system, unconscious thoughts, and neuromuscular patterning.  The second key is proper rebalancing of the muscles so tight and overworked muscles can naturally relax and release.  That's exactly what makes FreedomBody Training special and why this system works like no other.  Teach your body, mind and nervous system new ways of being, allowing you to move with ease and dramatically expand your range of motion. 

Whether you are looking to free yourself from body pain, correct your posture, optimize your performance or obtain 'wow factor' flexibility, FreedomBody Training will get you there.

Thousands of students across the US and Canada have benefited from, FreedomBody founder, Emily Webb's dynamic and interactive teaching style. Emily's adaptability to student needs, knowledge of body mechanics, and positive mindset training create high impact learning for students of all levels. Through her years of teaching experience Emily has learned to make even the most complex movements simple and build them from the ground up so you can find your body freedom faster. 



Emily Webb

It's about feeling free in your body and mind. Not just now, but for the rest of your life.

Hi.  My Name is Emily Webb and it is my passion to empower people through health and movement.  I want to inspire you to not only feel great in your body but also in your heart and mind.​

FreedomBody Training was born from my deep desire to heal my body, mind, and spirit;  to move at my fullest potential; and to truly feel amazing in my body for the rest of my life.

I began my movement journey at the age of 5 with my first ballet class.  Dance became a passion and was followed by another 40 years of movement - training horses, partner dance, yoga, martial arts, and fitness. ​

While all of this was a lot of fun, after the age of 40 my body began speaking up. After several injuries and body trauma, I was far from operating at my body's optimum potential despite all my best intentions.  I was hurting and yearned to feel good in my body again, so I set out on a new journey to regain my FreedomBody.​

Combining my years of teaching and study along with my passion for nutrition and personal growth, I created FreedomBody Training.  It is my goal to empower people with a unique combination of body knowledge, functional mobility, nutrition and the mental fortitude to make your body care a top priority so you feel good for decades to come.  After all, you only get one body!​

Emily is a certified instructor of Yoga, Gravity Yoga, and Krav Maga (self-defense and street fighting).  She is in process of receiving a Holistic Health Coaching certification. In addition, she has taught Tango and Fusion dance across North America since 2011 and holds a BS in Equine Science (with a concentration in teaching and training).  Emily has also been on a life-long journey of personal and spiritual development.  She has done in depth study with international teachers and companies such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Barbara De Angelis, and Peak Potentials Training.

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